Collect your trash and get a reward. Copenhagen promotes sustainability

The CopenPay program, which runs from July 15 to August 11, is Copenhagen's response to the growing demand for sustainability in the tourism sector. The initiative, launched by the local tourism board, is a creative approach to rewarding travelers for their contribution to the environment. CopenPay is not only an attempt to introduce new standards in tourism, but also a chance to raise environmental awareness among visitors.

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Denmark's capital rewards eco-friendly tourists: Free food and tours. How long does it take to visit Copenhagen?

The CopenPay program, introduced by the Copenhagen tourism board Visit Copenhagen, also known as Wonderful Copenhagen, allows you to turn your environmentally friendly actions into a “currency” that can be exchanged for entrance tickets to attractions various attractions. Visitors who bring plastic waste to the National Gallery will have the opportunity to take part in workshops where they will be able to transform it into works of art, while active recreation enthusiasts who travel to the roof of the famous CHP plant by bike or public transport will be able to ski down the artificial slope.

CopenPay rewards activities such as cycling, taking part in clean-ups and volunteering at urban farms, providing access to diverse and enriching experiences and everyday attractions in Copenhagen. Participants can enjoy free guided museum tours, free kayak rentals and even a free locally sourced vegetarian lunch

– informs the Wonderful Copenhagen Tourism Authority in its statement, quoted by ASB News.

Mikkel Aaro Hansena, executive director of Wonderful Copenhagen, says CopenPay aims to enable people to experience more of what Copenhagen has to offer while reducing the burden on the planet. If the pilot proves successful, it could be rolled out year-round.

We need to transform tourism from an environmental burden to a force for positive change. An important step in this transformation is changing the way we move around a destination, what we consume and how we interact with the local community.

– Hansen said in a press release from Wonderful Copenhagen.

It is worth noting that you need to allocate at least three days to visit Copenhagen. That should be enough time to calmly discover the secrets of this city, from Nyhavn Harbor, through the Little Mermaid Statue, Christiansborg Palace, to the botanical gardens in Tivoli.

What is Copenhagen known for? Is Copenhagen expensive?

Copenhagen is known for its beautiful architecture, rich history and a unique cycling culture, making it one of the most cyclist-friendly destinations in the world. The city, located on the islands of Zealand and Amager, also attracts attention with its green infrastructure and sustainability initiatives. What's more, Copenhagen is known for its high quality of life and modern design, which is visible in both public spaces and homes. However, like many Scandinavian cities, the Danish capital is considered a place relatively expensive. Cost of living, incl. prices accommodation, food and transport are higher than in many other European capitals. Wondering how long it takes flight from Poland to Copenhagen? The flight time from Warsaw to the capital of Denmark is about 40 minutes. The distance between both cities is 666 kilometers.

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