Czechs warn against Poland. They point out several issues. It is about holidays

High road traffic tickets in Poland are nothing new. Even speeding itself is an extremely stigmatized offense in our country. This type of fracture regulations has serious consequences not only in the form of a fine, but also penalty pointswhich can ultimately deprive the driver of their driving license. The situation became even more complicated when a provision was introduced stating that exceeding the speed limit by more than 30 km/h several times km/h is associated with the so-called recidivism. This means that the second and every subsequent offense will be punished with a double rate. So is this all that the Czech magazine “Blesk” warns its drivers about? There are several other threads.

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Speeding ticket is just the beginning. Czech press asks its drivers to be careful

According to the Czechs, special attention should be paid to three most important issues. They remind us that in Poland, firstly, there is a threat “severe penalties for alcohol”and high fines also apply in the case of excessive speed and illegal parking. At the same time, they note that in our country the permitted speed on the motorway is 140 km/4, while in the Czech Republic it is 10 km/h less. There, you can drive at a maximum of 130 km/h. Despite this, it is not worth underestimating the restrictions, because – as the Czech press writes – exceeding the permitted speed by 20 km/h may result in a fine from about 300 crowns, i.e. 50 zlotys, to even 3,000 crowns, i.e. 500 zlotys. It means that holidays in Poland can end up with a lot of worries and a significant loss in the household budget. Especially since it is not only driving a car that involves high costs. Even an improperly parked vehicle may result in a ticket in height up to 1729 crowns – about 300 zlotys.

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The magazine “Blesk” also warns Czech drivers against “driving motor vehicles after consuming alcohol or substances with a similar effect”. For this “the penalty is a fine of at least 14,413 Czech crowns (approximately 2.5 thousand zlotys). The law was tightened in March of this year.” What's more, such substances They are also not recommended in public places.

There is a general ban on streets, squares, parks and other public spaces. This rule is intended to maintain public order.

– we read in “Blesk” magazine.

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