Doda has never done anything like this before. She showed herself in an exceptionally dark version.

Doda is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable Polish singers, who constantly surprises fans with unusual ideas. Although the star is famous for her frequent metamorphosesthis time she really surprised everyone. She had never had such a dark look before. She changed not only the color hairbut also the eyes.

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Women's hairstyles 2024: time for a bit of darkness. Doda has undergone a spectacular metamorphosis

Dorota Rabczewska, also known as Doda, definitely has no intention of letting up. Both when it comes to music and changes image. The singer is one of those stars who are not afraid practically nothing. Although she usually wears blonde, she has already had all the colors of the rainbow on her head, except for black. This time, she showed herself on Instagram in an unusual, almost dark version. The dark, leather styling with heavy boots in a futuristic style already gave her an edge. However, the final effect was emphasized by changing the color of her hair and even her eyes.

I've never been like this before! Blue eyes and black hair… and all this for two crazy beings who made a great podcast with me! The effects are coming soon.

– the celebrity wrote under the recording on social media. Although her new locks were most likely not dyed, and the star used a wig again, fans were still delighted.

Trendy hairstyles long hair: Doda once again inspired internet users with her refreshed look

Internet users were almost amazed. When Doda's light blonde was replaced with black, it turned out that it suited her as well. What's more, it perfectly emphasizes the sharpness of her facial features and gives the artist a new, fascinating character. The same is true for her incredibly bright, blue eyes, which contrast with the darkness in an almost fairy-tale way. This is due to special lenses, and as you can see, Dorota is not even afraid of that.

But dark is your color! I didn't expect it to suit you so well.

Wow, that's rock. That black hair makes you even more charming!

I see a bit of Megan Fox here. You look awesome in black, that's awesome!

– we read among many similar statements. The fans were almost unanimous. It is worth noting that Dorota Rabczewska is naturally brunette. As you can see, sometimes returning to the roots is really a good idea. Perhaps one day Doda will permanently return to dark locks. This summer, black and deep brown are coming back into fashion. Perhaps it is worth getting inspired by the original artist during your next visit to the hair salon.

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