She helped a lost girl at the airport. “The desperate cries of a girl”

A few days ago, singer Honorata Skarbek was directly involved in an extremely disturbing situation that took place at Chopin Airport in Warsaw. If it weren't for her, the little Russian girl might never meet her parents again. Now the star appeals to never be indifferent to human suffering.

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Departures Warsaw Chopin: Before boarding the plane, she met a terrified child

At Warsaw Chopin Airport there was a dangerous situation involving a little girl. The loss of the little Russian girl could have ended tragically if not for the famous singer Honorata Skarbek, who happened to be at the port that day. She informed her fans about the sad event on TikTok. As she recalled, there were huge crowds at the airport, and among them a terrified, crying child. However, it turned out that apart from the star, no one reacted to the screams of the toddler, who could not find his parents.

I am shocked at how callous people are! Always react!

– she titled her video material, which sufficiently sums up the singer's attitude to similar situations. According to Honorata Skarbek's account, the girl was about four years old.

No one paid any attention to this. I was the only one who, hearing the girl's desperate cries, ran to her.

– the singer said. The star stopped the traumatized toddler and tried to find out even the simplest information, but unfortunately the child only spoke Russian. Fortunately, after a while she found security, who took care of the whole matter.

I went to the nearest airport employees and told them about the situation. They took the girl and within 10 minutes I heard announcements that the child was looking for her parents.

– Honorata continued. She didn't even pay attention to the fact that she could have missed her plane. Fortunately, everything ended well. Now she appeals to Internet users.

What to do when a child goes missing? Honorata Skarbek appeals to act immediately

In fact, it is very easy to lose a child in a crowd of people. A moment of inattention is enough to lose sight of the little one. Fortunately at Chopin Airport among the multitude of people there was one person who wanted to save the girl. After the intervention of Honorata Skarbek, the child was returned to her parents. However, the case could have ended even with the kidnapping of a little girl in the absence of adults. The singer thunders to come to her senses and help whenever we can.

If you ever witness such a situation – something that makes you feel uneasy, then react. Especially if it is a child at the airport.

– she appeals. She also repeated several times that she did not expect such callousness and that she had almost completely lost faith in humanity. Some Internet users agreed with her.

I am absolutely terrified by the indifference and callousness that currently prevails. Thank you for not passing by indifferently!

You had a normal human reflex that is sorely lacking in today's world. Kudos to you!

It's good that there are still people like you! I would react the same way, but unfortunately there are fewer and fewer people like you.

– we read among many similar comments. Unfortunately, there seem to be more and more similar situations. Let's hope that Honorata Skarbek's recording will make some people realize how important it is to help another person.

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