The inspections in the Tatras have started. Fines are pouring in. Tourists will pay up to 400 PLN for this

Every summer, the Tatra National Park experiences a real siege. Picturesque landscapes attract crowds of tourists who want to conquer the mountain peaks and admire the unique nature. Unfortunately, the growing number of visitors is also a source of potential threats to this delicate ecosystem, which is why the park service is increasing its presence on the trails, ensuring that recreation in nature is carried out with respect for its boundaries and rules.

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What is not allowed in the mountains? Ticket for leaving the trail. TPN: One of the men fined 400 PLN

In the area of ​​the Tatra National Park, both on the Polish and Slovak sides, there are increased checks carried out by the local guard. Officers they focus mainly on routes that are very popular in the summer seasonto verify whether tourists comply with the applicable rules. Unfortunately, only in the last weekendon popular trails such as the Liptovské Murý area, dozens of people were fined.

Recently I was on a patrol with Slovak park rangers. We were patrolling the Liptovské Mury area. We came across some hikers, they were in a place where there is no trail. They were fined. One got a 400 PLN fine, the other lady 200 PLN.

– says guard Grzegorz Bryniarski quoted by “The Krakow Gazette“.

Staying off the trail isn’t the only offense that can result in a hefty fine. Camping in unauthorized areas, picking plants, or bringing pets can also result in fines.

They camp in unauthorized places, pick plants and make wreaths from them, and bring dogs. These are the most common sins of tourists who visit the Tatras this year.

– adds Bryniarski.

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What else should you remember when going to the Tatras? After dusk, all trails are closed, and tourists are not allowed to stay in the park. Additionally, it is strictly forbidden to use drones and leave rubbish. Tatra National Park officers will continue their activities throughout the summer and into autumn. They hope that increased control will help preserve the Tatra landscapes for future generations and ensure the safety of visitors to these beautiful areas. Going to the mountainslet us remember that ignorance does not exempt from responsibility, and patrols are not only supposed to punish, but above all to educate and remind about the applicable rules.

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