When they saw him, they grabbed their phones. An unusual guest appeared in Krynica Morska

An unusual guest appeared on the beach in Krynica Morska. The Hello Mierzeja portal shared a video on its official TikTok account, showing a beaver walking along the Baltic Sea. The video quickly became a hit online. Unfortunately, it turns out that the animal most likely had health problems.

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Krynica Morska: A beaver was walking on the beach. What was it doing there?

On the beach we can find many different specimens. Some admire beautiful shells, others search for amber washed ashore. However, we can also find herds of seals on the Polish seaside.the ever-hungry seagulls and… beavers. Although the latter are more likely to be associated with forests and lakes, in reality, meeting this mammal on the beach is not at all impossible. This time, a strange guest appeared in the vicinity of Krynica Morska. In a short recording shared by the Hello Mierzeja portal, we can see that a fairly large beaver is walking very slowly through the sand, towards the exit from the bathing area. Although the recording quickly became a hit on TikTok, we have bad news for animal lovers – the mammal was most likely sick. You can tell by the beaver's unhurried movement and its apathetic appearance. Although it is not known what exactly caused the situation, it is worth knowing that these animals are quite common in the vicinity of Krynica Morska, so we should keep this in mind when choosing this place for relaxation. It may also seem surprising that many other wild specimens like this area.

Where to go to the seaside? If you are not afraid of wild animals, choose Krynica Morska

This is not the first time that in the vicinity of Krynica Morska one could see wild fauna in really close proximity to humans. The surrounding forests apart from beavers they are especially fond of wild boarswhich sometimes walk around the city and the beach with entire families. Although the beaver arouses sympathy, tourists fear wild boars.

We will be in Krynica Morska in July, I can't wait. Unfortunately, there are two things I'm afraid of – wild boars and mosquitoes.

Remember that under no circumstances should you approach wild boars, pet the young ones or try to feed them by hand!

It is nonsense to feed animals at all, especially in the summer. Unfortunately, we are harming them by doing so!

– we read in the comments under the recordings from the Hello Mierzeja account. It is worth being careful and calm everywhere, but above all, showing respect for animals. Most often, it is us who enter their territory.

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